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Linear Slot Diffusers

For supply or extract air, fully adjustable linear slot diffuser with unique air pattern control design - the air pattern can be adjusted.

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Intelivent Solarpipe

Diffuse natural light into the building eliminating the need for artificial lighting providing a sustainable and energy efficient alternative.

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Intelivent Roof Cowls

Roof cowls can be manufactured to maximise aesthetic features of roofs by mounting low profile and discreet units hidden from view.

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Intelivent Solarstore

Photovoltaic cells are used to power our supply and extract fans within the penthouse turrets themselves in order to increase ventilation.

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Computer Floor Grilles

Integrating with the most popular raised access floor systems. Available in both light and Extra heavy duty grades to BS-EN 13264:2001

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75mm Louvre Doors

Either with flanged frame or recessed frame, the louvre doors are robustly manufactured with optional threshold details.

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75mm Louvre door

Site Assembly Clip-On Louvres

The louvre blade is snapped into position via the sprung blade clip fitted onto the rear mullions giving an attractive, continuous appearance. Excellent for large louvred areas.

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The GDL Site Assembly Clip on Louvres
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