Intelivent Solarpipe

Our solarpipe turret is designed to deliver natural daylight throughout buildings in areas such as corridors, stairwells, offices and classrooms. The system is often specified within educational, healthcare and commercial buildings.

The purpose of this system is to diffuse natural light into the building eliminating the need for artificial lighting providing a sustainable and energy efficient alternative.  Natural light enters the turret at roof level and is dispersed into the required areas.


Aluminium construction with high performance weather louvres and solar pipe.

Spec with NBS Chorus

A. Turret skirt with 50mm turned down from extruded aluminium section.

B. High performance weather louvre.

C. Roof fabricated from 2.0mm aluminium. Supplied in sections where oversized.

D. Bird mesh fitted to rear of blades as standard. Optional extras available.

E. Telescopic damper connection sleeve constructed from 16swg galvanised steel.

F. Galvanised drop duct from Turret up stand.

G. Ultra-low leakage insulated damper supplied with actuator (DL533+3M).

H. Grille connection sleeve, fabricated from aluminium.

I. Internal ceiling egg crate grille (S5000+1C).

J. Solar dome.

K. Solarpipe, comes lagged with insulation.

L. Light diffuser fitted to grille.

Intelivent Solarpipe product image
Intelivent Solarpipe

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