Intelivent Roof Cowls

Roof Cowls provide either low or high level ventilation in buildings and roof spaces preventing and eliminating the build-up of condensation and stale air.

Roof cowls can be manufactured to maximise aesthetic features of roofs by mounting low profile and discreet units hidden from view.

These units are ideally suited for sports halls, gymnasiums and assembly areas.


Aluminium construction with an internal pentapost frame.

  • Provides excellent weather protection ensuring low pressure drops.
  • Works in harmony with ducted systems.
  • Simple and effective design.
  • Control airflow as design allows volume control dampers to be mounted inside the cowl above the up stand.
Spec with NBS Chorus

A. Frame – Extruded aluminium 40x40mm pentapost section.

B. Base – Extruded aluminium 50x50x4mm angle.

C. Blanked panel – Fabricated 2mm aluminium blanking panels.

D. Open area panel – Galvanised bird mesh/aluminium perforated panels/woven or welded mesh. Material type and construction dependant on free area requirements.

E. Roof channel – 50x50mm extruded aluminium channel.

F. Insulation – 50mm Kingspan insulation board.

G. Terminal roof – 2mm thick fabricated aluminium roof.

H. Galvanised drop duct.

I. Low leakage insulated damper.

J. Damper and grille housing sleeve.

K. Internal ceiling mounted grille.

Intelivent Roof Cowl product image
Intelivent Roof Cowls

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