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Heat Recovery

Our Eco Active heat recovery units are a new addition to our energy efficient product range. All our units are manufactured to the latest ErP2018 directive for energy recovery and consumption.

​The units can be situated in a high-level void, exposed within the room or mounted externally. These units give Winter and Summer ventilation, including Summer night time purging to each room.

​Each unit consists of a plate heat exchanger with a minimum efficiency of 80% giving a minimum supply air temperature of 18°C, utilising the waste heat from the extract. Each unit has two low energy EC fans with a maximum SFP of 0.45Wh/m3. Our range of Eco Active units can provide ventilation of up to 1.0m3/s. AHU’s are available for higher airflow requirements

the GDL Eco Active Heat Recovery unit in situ

The Eco Active units are controlled via CO2/temperature room sensors and intelligent controllers to give the correct ventilation requirement at all times.

Our Eco Active range consists of HRV’s, recirculation units and HRPT (heat recovery penthouse turrets).


Our heat recovery unit has been independently tested to BS EN ISO 3744:2010, the heat exchanger has been tested to EN 308 and the specific power consumption of less than 0.45Wh/m3.


The aerodynamic characteristics of the ventilation unit was carried out to the standard EN 13141-7: 2011.

The sound power emitted by the device was in accordance with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 3744:2011.

MVHR Spec with NBS Chorus
RC Hybrid Spec with NBS Chorus

Heat Recovery

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the GDL Eco Active Heat Recovery unit in situ
the GDL Eco Active Heat Recovery unit in situ