Intelivent Light Vent

Our light vent also offers combined natural ventilation and lighting and is an alternative option to our solarpipe.

The light vent allows natural daylight to enter the building from roof level via a polycarbonate cover that is similar in appearance to a sky light and is suitable in almost any application. 

This product type again eliminates the need for costly artificial lighting throughout buildings, corridors and stairwells.


Aluminium construction with high performance weather louvres and double/single glazed roof light complete with polycarbonate weather dome.


A. Turret skirt with 50mm turned down flange from extruded aluminium section.

B. High performance weather louvre.

C. Double/single glazed roof light complete with polycarbonate weather dome.

D. Bird mesh fitted to rear of blades as standard. Optional extras available.

E. Ultra-low leakage insulated damper mounted directly behind louvres supplied with actuator (DL533+3M).

F. Internal perforated grille mounted behind dampers (S6000+1C). Various perforations and patterns available for aesthetic requirements.

Intelivent Light Vent product image
Intelivent Light Vent

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