Computer Floor Grilles

For supply or extract applications, the grilles are designed to integrate with the most popular raised access floor systems.

Available in both light and Extra heavy duty grades to BS-EN 13264:2001


Manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium extrusions, the frames are of fully welded construction. Extra heavy duty versions incorporate rear reinforcement mullions to maintain full structural integrity.

The grille core is constructed from extruded aluminium bars with a face thickness of 6mm and is welded into the retaining frame.

The frame profile is designed to sit directly in contact with the floor pedestal earth terminal, removing the need for additional earth bonding connections and their associated expense.


Independently tested by the university of Salford, the R77 exceeds the requirements of BS-EN 13264:2001 for extra heavy duty applications.

Size and Weight

600 x 600 tile module size as standard, though other sizes are available on request.

Light duty grille 8.5kg

Extra heavy duty grille 14.0kg

Optional OBD 2.0kg

Spec with NBS Chorus
Computer Room Floor Grilles product image
Computer Floor Grilles

Grille range

High Security Grille product image
Security Grille

Security Grille

Stainless steel type complies with Home office recommendations for Anti-ligature applications. For supply, air transfer/extract applications.