Heavy Duty Single Deflection Grille

For supply or extract air, having single set of heavy duty, fully adjustable vanes to give directional control of the air pattern in two directions if required. Suitable for low, medium and high velocity installations.


From extruded aluminium sections, frame 2.2mm thick, vanes 8mm thick. Hairline mitres mechanically held. Optional OBD is of extruded aluminium.

Size and Weight

From 100 x 100 to 1200 x 1200 in 25mm increments. Face Mullions are incorporated when width exceeds 1200mm.

Grille Only 15kg/m2, Grille + OBD 24kg/m2

Free area approximately 80%

Heavy Duty single defelction grille product image
Heavy Duty Single Deflection Grille

Grille range

High Security Grille product image
Security Grille

Security Grille

Stainless steel type complies with Home office recommendations for Anti-ligature applications. For supply, air transfer/extract applications.