Perforated Face Grille

For return air, having a perforated panel core which provides an attractive yet practical finish. Suitable for wall, duct and ceiling mounting.


The frame is from 1.6mm thick extruded aluminium section with a perforated sheet core. Hairline mitres mechanically held. Optional OBD is of extruded aluminium.

Size and Weight

From 100 x 100 to 1200 x 1200 in 25mm increments.

Face mullions are incorporated when width exceeds 1050mm.

Grille only 8.5kg/m2, Grille + OBD 16.5kg/m2

Free area approximately 48%.

Spec with NBS Chorus
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Perforated Face Grille product image
Perforated Face Grille

Grille range

High Security Grille product image
Security Grille

Security Grille

Stainless steel type complies with Home office recommendations for Anti-ligature applications. For supply, air transfer/extract applications.