300mm Single Bank Acoustic Louvre

Suitable for applications where depth is critical.

For supply or extract air, the Acoustic Louvre is designed to attenuate medium and high frequency noise breakout from ductwork and plant room openings.


Cases and blades formed from Aluminium sheet.

The attenuation material is glass wool faced with perforated sheet.

From 650 x 650 to 1200 x 2000 in a single panel, large units are available in multiple units which bolt together in situ.

Single bank 26kg/m2.

Free area approximately 40%.

Spec with NBS Chorus
300mm single bank acoustic louvre
300mm Single Bank Acoustic Louvre

Louvre range

Sand trap Louvre product image
Sand Trap Louvres

Sand Trap Louvres

The double row of vertically staggered blades trap the airborne particles which are evacuated via an integral drain-off chute to the atmosphere.