50mm Single Bank Weather Louvres

For intake or extract air, the 45° blades are fixed at 50mm centres and have excellent integral rain defence features. Heavy duty construction allows large panels to be produced with unbroken blades.

Larger areas can be covered using multiple panel assemblies which will incorporate concealed rear mullions to give continuous blade appearance throughout.


From extruded aluminium sections, frame 3.0mm thick, blades 2.0mm thick. All frames to be of fully welded construction. Fitted as standard with rear galvanised steel bird mesh screen.

Size and Weight

From 600 x 600 to 3000 x 2000 in a single unit. Larger sizes are available in multiple units. Concealed rear mullions when width exceeds 1200mm.

Average weight: 12.5kg/m2.

Average free area: 48%.

Rain Defence

The 50mm louvre system has been tested by BSRIA to European standard EN13030:2002 and achieves Class C – (80 – 94.9 % effectiveness).

Airflow Performance

Tested to EN13030:2002 the following aerodynamic coefficient is achieved: Intake ~ 0.253


Matt black rear blanking panels

Insulated blanking panels (Thermal & Acoustic)

Mitred corners


Insect screen (Fixed or Removable), Security special shapes, Circular, triangular etc.

Spec with NBS Chorus
image of a 50mm Single Bank Weather Louvres
50mm Single Bank Weather Louvres

Louvre range

Sand trap Louvre product image
Sand Trap Louvres

Sand Trap Louvres

The double row of vertically staggered blades trap the airborne particles which are evacuated via an integral drain-off chute to the atmosphere.