Turret / Penthouse Louvres

For supply or extract air, designed to offer weather protection to roof-top openings.

Neat welded mitred corners and an all welded concealed frame ensure maximum rigidity, whilst an attractive appearance is completed with its pitch roof construction.


Aluminium construction with high performance weather louvres.

Extruded aluminium sections, frame 3.0mm – 5.0mm thick, with 1.6mm thick Blades. Aluminium roof 2mm thick, fully welded construction.

Size and Weight

There are virtually no size constraints as large units are produced in multiple sections.

Average weight: 60.0kg/m3.

Average free area: 50%.

Penthouse Turret Louvre
Turret / Penthouse Louvres

Louvre range

Sand trap Louvre product image
Sand Trap Louvres

Sand Trap Louvres

The double row of vertically staggered blades trap the airborne particles which are evacuated via an integral drain-off chute to the atmosphere.