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Our Intelivent range has been designed to provide sustainable

and cost effective ventilation and lighting across all building types. 


Harnessing natural wind, solar power and temperature buoyancy

to ventilate buildings significantly reduces energy consumption that

would have been used to operate a mechanical arrangement.

We offer a full turnkey package from design, manufacture, delivery

and installation. We also offer the addition of CO2 and temperature sensors allowing a controlled Winter and Summer ventilation rate whilst maintaining the security of the buildings. Ventilation demand changes depending on the season and occupancy levels. In a school, for example, occupancy in each room varies throughout the day,

so a controlled ventilation rate using our Intelivent Natural Ventilation Range would be both cost effective and energy efficient.


Natural ventilation is an effective method of ventilating offices, restaurants and educational facilities, and is particularly effective in open spaces

that have a high occupancy, such as warehouses, distribution centres, gymnasiums, sports halls, assembly areas and supermarkets. Our Intelivent product ranges are listed below.


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GDL Intelivent wall mounted units allow natural fresh air to enter buildings through external weather louvres. The air passes through a series of grilles and dampers allowing for a controlled environment purely using fresh air, eliminating the need for costly mechanical arrangements. The wall mounted units can be manufactured to fit any bespoke size and can work in harmony with all other products within the Intelivent range.

HML School External Louvres.jpg


GDL Intelivent Circular Turrets offer a dramatic design alternative to our standard penthouse turrets, but they still provide effective ventilation by purely harnessing natural wind power.

This product is suitable for all roof types from

a flat surface to a 300 pitch roof. To ensure weather protection and for ease of flashing, we manufacture them with standard square base units.

Askham Bryan College 2.JPG


Natural ventilation and lighting combined.

GDL's Intelivent Solarpipe turret is designed to deliver natural daylight throughout buildings in areas such as corridors, stairwells, offices and classrooms. The system is often specified within educational, healthcare and commercial buildings as it diffuses natural light, eliminating artificial lighting, providing a sustainable and energy efficient alternative. The solarpipe

can be used in conjunction with the penthouse turret to provide both lighting and ventilation within the building. Our design team can

size the turrets to meet the required light and ventilation needs. The system collects daylight at roof level and is directed down via reflective tubing where the light is diffused into the required areas. The tube material is 99.7% reflective allowing maximum light transfer into the building.

Auchinleck Solarpipes.JPG


GDL Intelivent Roof Cowls provide either low or high level ventilation in buildings and roof spaces preventing and eliminating the build up of condensation and stale air. Roof cowls can be manufactured to maximise aesthetic features of roofs by mounting low profile and discreet units hidden from view.

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GDL Intelivent penthouse turrets are designed to offer a balanced supply of fresh air whilst also having the ability to remove warm stale air. The effective supply of fresh air is due to the internal split design within the turret unit and duct extension sleeve; the supply and extract air are kept separate avoiding cross contamination. The air is balanced through

our motorised volume control damper.

Ratcliffe College Turrets 3.JPG


Harvested solar energy is used to assist the effective operation 
of a natural ventilation system, particularly during the Summer when an increase in the ventilation rate is required. 

GDL's Intelivent Solarstore solution allows increased ventilation in Summer and at times of high occupancy, and also improves the effectiveness of night time cooling or night purge. A solar photovoltaic cell is located on the roof of the penthouse turret itself, the power generated from the cell allows 24-hour supply 
or extract ventilation. This can work in harmony with our wall units or as a stand alone product using the down flow effect, whereby fresh air circulates and stale air is extracted via the penthouse turret.

Auckinleck Solarstore Turret.JPG


Natural ventilation and lighting combined.

GDL's Intelivent Lightvent offers combined natural ventilation and lighting and is an alternative option to our solarpipe. The lightvent allows natural daylight to enter the building from roof level via a polycarbonate cover that is similar in appearance to a sky light and is suitable in almost any application. This product type again eliminates the need for costly artificial lighting throughout buildings, rooms, corridors and stairwells.

John Leggot College - Roof Light.jpg


GDL's Intelivent MEK-Boost Unit ‘A Hybrid Solution’, these units operate in the same way as other natural passive stack ventilation systems within the Intelivent range, but include a low energy fan to enhance ventilation performance during both day and night.

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