Multi-Cone Flush Ceiling Diffusers

For supply or extract air, multi-cone design with quick release core and 2 position setting for heating and cooling.

Available in a range of different core styles and sizes giving total flexibility for installation in lay in ceiling tile applications.


From extruded aluminium sections, set into a zintec steel panel, outer frame and inner cores 1.6mm thick. Hairline mitres mechanically held. Optional OBD is of extruded aluminium.

Size and Weight

Sizes to suit 600 x 600 ceiling grid arrangements.

Diffuser only 9.0kg/m². Diffuser and OBD 14.0kg/m².

Multi-Cone flush Ceiling Diffuser product image
Multi-Cone Flush Ceiling Diffusers

Diffusers range

Air Valve product image
Air Valves

Air Valves

For supply or extract air, fully adjustable inner core which regulates air volume, noise level and pressure drop.

Air-Jets product image


High capacity air jet diffuser consisting of concentric rings assembled with a pivoting eyeball adjustment facility to 30° from its axis.