Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers

For supply or extract air, unique fixed curved blade swirl diffuser offering excellent performance at low to medium air volumes.

The rapid reduction in both air velocity and temperature differential lead to very comfortable conditions within the occupied zone.

Suitable for ceiling or duct mounting.


From 0.8mm thick pressed sheet steel with 0.8mm thick rear collar.

Size and Weight

Available in 595 x 595mm for lay-in ceiling tile replacer or 500 Ø neck size.

Fixed Blade Swirl Diffuser product image
Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers

Diffusers range

Air Valve product image
Air Valves

Air Valves

For supply or extract air, fully adjustable inner core which regulates air volume, noise level and pressure drop.

Air-Jets product image


High capacity air jet diffuser consisting of concentric rings assembled with a pivoting eyeball adjustment facility to 30° from its axis.