Displacement Diffusers

GDL’s range of high-quality displacement diffusers are designed to introduce cool clean air into the occupied zone at low level.

By introducing air at low level and at low velocity, the air ‘pools’ at floor level rather than mixing with the room air.

As the room air is warmer than the incoming air it is displaced to high level where it can be extracted, thus creating a layer of cool clean fresh air at occupancy level.


Manufactured from perforated mild steel sheet with mild steel capping and plinth.

The units are polyester powder coated to RAL 9010 white as standard, other colours are available on request. Stainless steel construction is available as an option, these will usually be manufactured in grade 304 stainless and finished to a dull polish. All units can be reinforced for use in areas where a more robust diffuser is required.

Duct covers can be provided when required.

Size and Weight

A large selection of shapes and sizes are available, including square, round, half round and bow front, as well as column surrounds.

We can also manufacture bespoke units to suit your application.

Please contact our office to discuss your size and shape requirements.

Displacement Diffuser product image
Displacement Diffusers

Diffusers range

Air Valve product image
Air Valves

Air Valves

For supply or extract air, fully adjustable inner core which regulates air volume, noise level and pressure drop.

Air-Jets product image


High capacity air jet diffuser consisting of concentric rings assembled with a pivoting eyeball adjustment facility to 30° from its axis.