Cladded Louvre System
Horizontal Louvred Effect

The horizontal louvre cladding is profiled to imitate conventional louvre blades and is available from 200 up to 1100mm wide, and to a maximum length of 2500mm per panel. Large areas are accommodated using multiple panels and profiled internal strap at butt joints.

The panels are constructed from a single skin of aluminium up to 3mm thick. The depth of the overall panels can vary to suit various profiles.

Louvred effect cladding panels can also be supplied with active sections where ventilation is required. Slotted perforations give the required free area for ventilation and can be used for both intake and exhaust of air.


Vertical Cladding

Traditional cladding panels are available from various widths up to maximum lengths of 2500mm and available in bespoke profiles.

Larger cladding requirements are accommodated using profiled internal straps at joints giving the appearance of a continuous run.

Active and free area requirements are accommodated using slotted panels with an internal skin of weather baffle or fine insect mesh.

image of an installed cladded louvre system
Cladded Louvre System

Louvre range

Sand trap Louvre product image
Sand Trap Louvres

Sand Trap Louvres

The double row of vertically staggered blades trap the airborne particles which are evacuated via an integral drain-off chute to the atmosphere.