Really Useful Products
Location: Leeds, England.

Project details

Really Useful Products is a storage business based in the UK that develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative plastic storage boxes, drawer units and organisers.

Their original location did not accommodate room for expansion so they purchased land in West Yorkshire with excellent motorway links to fulfil their expansion plans.

The building will encompass a large warehouse facility as well as an imaginative butterfly design for the six story office block.


Project overview

GDL manufactured and installed 42 Intelivent Penthouse Turrets and 500 meters of Intelivent Wall Units at the 18,900 sqm, 15m high manufacturing and warehouse facility.

The storage unit has been designed and built sustainably and incorporates two of our energy efficient Intelivent Natural Ventilation components. This method of ventilation is particularly effective in open spaces with a high occupancy such as school classrooms, gymnasiums, warehouses, supermarkets and lecture theatres.


Benefits of using GDL Products on the project

  • We offer a full turnkey package including design, manufacture and install.
  • The Wall Units allow a controlled environment by allowing natural fresh air to enter the building via external weather louvres. The heating coil within the unit is used as a front line heating source during winter.
  • Our Intelivent Penthouse Turrets offer a balanced supply of fresh air whilst removing warm stale air, an ideal product to ventilate warehouses effectively
    and efficiently.
GDL air systems installed at Really Useful Products
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This project benefitted from the following GDL Products:

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Intelivent Penthouse Turrets

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75mm Single Bank Weather Louvre product

Weather Louvres

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