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GDL Project

Derby Innovation Centre




Derby, England


Intelivent Penthouse Turrets

Intelivent Wall Units

Intelivent Transfer Fans

Project details

Derby City Council’s new Innovation Centre is at the heart of Infinity Park, Derby’s new 250 acre commercial and technology park. Designed to embrace the characteristics of transport engineering, the centre will play a vital role in supporting companies in the aerospace, automotive and transport industries by helping existing companies to grow and new ones to develop.


Project overview

The Innovation Centre demonstrates its environmental credentials through a number of sustainable features to reduce the carbon footprint. These include
GDL natural ventilation products to help provide efficient heating and cooling.


GDL worked in conjunction with Derry Ltd to provide and install Intelivent Wall Units and Penthouse Turrets. Designed to meet the ventilation demand of the occupied spaces, our in-house design team assisted making the correct system choices. Our Intelivent products are particularly effective in offices, seminar rooms & workshops where occupancy levels vary throughout the day and
a controlled ventilation rate is required.


Benefits of using GDL Products on the project

  • The Wall Units allow a controlled environment by allowing natural fresh air to enter the building via external weather louvres. The heating coil within the unit is used as a front line heating source during winter.

  • Our Intelivent Turrets offer a balanced supply of fresh air whilst removing warm stale air, an ideal product to ventilate the workshops effectively and efficiently. Intelivent Transfer Fans have been installed to ductwork to assist with the supply and extract of air within the offices and seminar rooms.

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