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GDL Project

Morrisons Bridgwater






Intelivent wall units

Intelivent Solarstore Units

Intelivent Controls

Project details

GDL were specified by Mechanical Contractors Mitton Mechanical Services Ltd to provide an energy efficient natural ventilation system suitable for the 767,500sqft distribution centre based in Somerset. Our Intelivent solarstore turrets and wall units were designed and installed at the site working in
harmony together creating a stack effect.


The site will be used for food preparation, packing and storage serving Morrisons stores throughout the South West and South Wales. This prominent building featuring a cladding panelled façade encompasses various sustainable and energy efficient solutions to improve the performance of the building. These include the use of ammonia for refrigeration and the elimination of unnecessary heat losses and artificial lighting.


Project overview

Solar power is commonly used to assist in the effective operation of a natural ventilation system, particularly during the summer at times of high occupancy when an increased ventilation rate is required. A solar photovoltaic cell is installed on the penthouse turret itself, powering the fans situated within the turret allowing 24-hour supply or extract ventilation. Night-time purge can be further enhanced via the battery assisted fans within the Solar-powered penthouse turret.


In order to maintain a comfortable environment, with the correct air temperature and velocity, temperature and CO2 sensors maintain a controlled ventilation rate again significantly contributing to energy conservation.


A unique benefit of this particular system is the addition of ammonia sensors
that have been built into the controls system. This is a requirement specific to
this project; ammonia is used within the refrigeration system as part of the sustainable design. If there is a leakage the sensors detect this and the
dampers operate accordingly.


Benefits of using GDL Products on the project

  • The Solarstore turret allows increased ventilation in summer and
    at times of high occupancy and also improves the effectiveness
    of night time cooling.

  • The addition of ammonia sensors was specific to this project
    at the client’s request.

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