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GDL Project

Kestrel Fields Primary






Intelivent Lightvent Turrets

Double Glazed Glass Roof Light

Perforated Face Cover Grilles

Low Leakage Dampers

Egg Crate Grilles

Natural Ventilation Controls

Project details

Kestrel Fields Primary School has undergone a complete overhaul thanks to Leicester City Council’s £27 million investment in primary schools across the area. The existing school has been remodelled to create an annex for infants creating additional spaces for the reception pupils. The expansion will also include 16 new classrooms, a hall, a studio and learning resource centre and
a new outdoor sports pitch and games area.


Project overview

The building has been designed with energy efficiency in mind, using cutting edge technology to reduce energy consumption. This includes improved thermal insulation, 170 sqm of photovoltaic panelling on the roof of the school and our Intelivent Lightvent Turrets providing sustainable natural ventilation and lighting. The lightvent allows natural daylight to enter the building at roof level via double glazed glass, similar to a sky light, eliminating the need for costly artificial lighting particularly in corridors and stairwells. The lightvent combines sustainable lighting and ventilation and is suitable in almost any application.


Benefits of using GDL Products on the project

  • Simple and effective bespoke design by our in-house technical
    design team.

  • Sustainable and cost effective alternative to wired lighting and
    controlled ventilation that is perfect for a school environment.

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