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GDL Project

Finham Park School






Eco Active 300 Model

Project details

The original Finham Park School in Coventry has been demolished to make
way for a new state of the art two storey teaching block on the same site.
The existing buildings were in need of a complete upgrade in terms of energy efficiency, accessibility and suitability for contemporary teaching and learning.


Project overview

Our heat recovery systems are an energy efficient way of maintaining a comfortable environment. GDL have manufactured and supplied 22 of our EcoActive 300 series heat recovery units. A high efficiency heat plate exchanger uses the residual heat from the exhaust air to temper the incoming fresh air. The added controls package monitors both CO2 and temperature levels within the classroom to ensure the low energy fans and dampers operate to provide the correct levels of ventilation at all times.


Benefits of using GDL Products on the project

  • High efficiency heat recovery. 

  • No mixing of stale and fresh air.

  • Night Cooling Low energy fans.

  • CO2 and Temperature Control

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