Thermal Modelling

GDL has in-house thermal and air flow modelling software
to simulate overheating and ventilation for the construction industry. Our designers and engineers can use 3D modelling techniques to model buildings for simulating solar heat gains using EDSL TAS. Thermal modelling is an integral part of designing systems to ensure overheating and over cooling
of buildings for the future is kept to a minimum.

CHAM - Concentration Heat
& Momentum Limited

CHAM provides HVAC designers with software (FLAIR) and consultancy services to simulate air flows together with fire
and smoke spread in the built environment. FLAIR enables
users to visualise, evaluate and refine air-flow patterns on a
micro - or macro scale within a room, throughout a building, around a building, within tunnels or in any other structure.
FLAIR enables users to check on environmental or ventilation flows before embarking on costly construction.

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