Mission Statement



Our Mission is to successfully develop, manufacture, supply and install high quality products to the construction industry in a socially responsible way and for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Our Vision is to achieve our mission by being a successful privately owned, market leading company in our defined

field that is principally self financing and meets the demands of our customers through innovative, high quality products and services with well trained and motivated staff that live our values.


Our Values

Customer Satisfaction: The customer means everything to us. We must meet or exceed the needs of our customers

by treating them respectfully, professionally and as individuals. Delivering our promises and doing everything possible

and practical to meet their needs is fundamental.

Meeting Our Business Objectives: We must work together to meet our business objectvies in an ethical fit of

our stakeholders.

Teamwork: Our work should be challenging, rewarding and fun with mutual support, integrity, trust, respect, fairness

and commitment being the cornerstones of our work ethic.

Respect: Understand that others have needs and opinions. Treat everyone with fairness, respect and understanding

and in an equitable way.

Social Responsibility: Management understands the effect they have on the lives of their employees and the local
community and will consider them in all of their decisions.

Environment: Use production techniques and supply chain activities that are affordable but cause no or minimum

harmful effect on the environment.

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